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Investing at the Intersection of Climate and Social Justice

In partnership with the Climate Group and FINTECH.TV, The Nest Summit is an official event of Climate Week NYC, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the US by convening the organizations, visionary researchers, and influential policymakers driving climate action and leading the way to a cleaner and safer environment.

Ivka Kalus

The COVID crisis has brought forward many inconvenient truths that society at large chose to ignore pre-COVID. We can no longer talk about sustainability, climate change, and resilience, without talking about social justice. Just like COVID, Climate Change impacts minority and indigenous communities disproportionately.  But this isn’t only about unacceptable inequality, it’s about opportunity cost.  Our society has lost out on a tremendous amount of innovation and productivity by denying social justice to a significant portion of our population. But Climate change is an “all hands on deck” crisis that requires the full contribution from every member of society.  It is clear that we cannot face off against the Climate Crisis without addressing the Social Justice crisis, which is why we have to consider mispriced Social Justice risk as well as Climate Change risk in every investment we evaluate.