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TRU Colors: Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Gangs

George Taylor, CEO & President of TRU Colors, along with Khalilah Olokunola and Ant Brumm, join TheIMPACT host, Jeff Gitterman, to discuss what happened to George that drove him to create TRU Colors that also can be watched in the recent documentary. Simply, by being aware, we can open up conversations and dialogue to understand why gangs were created, why they continue to be a foundation for low-income socioeconomic communities, and how best to utilize the “banger” skill-set in sales, business development, and general entrepreneurship.

Khalilah leads human resources as Executive Vice President, managing compliance and promoting the general culture of TRU Colors while Ant leads community development.

Khalilah was arrested, charged and served four-years in prison. Having received multiple certifications and higher-education degrees, her “street education” was what really prepared her for the current role as EVP of HR at TRU Colors. The desire to see change, help those that need a hand from a friend, and bring the level of professionalism that helps drive self-determination, she and her team at TRU Colors apply “real world” out-of-the-box thinking that touches all aspects of society in order to change perception as empathy is achieved.

Ant Brumm was hire by Khalilah as a Community Ambassador – described as bold and really wanting to give back. He has completed multiple programs in TRU Colors, born and raised in Newark, New Jersey his mother passed at the young age of two. Having then grown up in foster homes, meeting his “homies” on the street made him feel at home, which then led him to prison. During his tenure behind bars, he learned about TRU Colors and used this time as an opportunity which has led him to his current path as the “feet on the street” bridging gaps, working with his community and engaging directly with gangs crossing “tracks” that others have never crossed.

Ant is the perfect example of someone taking responsibility for their own determination by finding his tribe at TRU Colors. As he states, “Everyone deserves to be treated like a human being” which is the ultimate thread as Black Lives Matter protests are on-going in cities throughout America and the world. Lastly, the distinguished group discusses white privilege and how we need to amplify this important discussion for a top-of-mind solution.

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