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Thinkathon – SME Funding | Thinkathon Playback

Summary of Thinkathon – SME Funding

SMEs have been disproportionately impacted by the Pandemic through :

  • Loss of jobs leading to increased household insecurity and the poor most likely to be worst affected.
  • Agricultural producers are unable to sell produce in local markets due to transport restrictions and travel limitations.
  • Trade restrictions on SMEs will impact their ability to service existing loans.
  • Reduced domestic consumption for products and services due to broader economic downturn.

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Kickstarting economies will require a vibrant and growing SME sector, yet many countries are struggling to get funding to SMEs, and current funding models don’t work. What are payments infrastructures that would work for SMEs? How has COVID accelerated the development of alternative payment and fundraising alternatives for SMEs? What government policies are needed to support SMEs? How can governments and others create incentives for people to develop new paradigms, or even just better ways to do things, and avoid stamping out good ideas?

Thinkathon – SME Funding Panellist

Thinkathon Moderator

Vince Molinari

Vincent Molinari was a Co-founder of Templum, Inc., and formerly the CEO of its subsidiary, Templum Markets, a FINRA registered broker dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) providing a registered solution for raising capital and trading private digital securities.

Thinkathon Speaker

Jonny Fry

Blockchain, Digital Assets & Funds Specialist with over 25 years experience as CEO of publicly quoted Asset Management business. Jonny’s focus has been on the dynamics of financial innovation analysing how where and why Blockchain technology and Digital Assets can be used commercially, he is a regular speaker and write Digital Bytes weekly about these topics and is co-founder of TeamBlockchain Ltd.

Thinkathon Speaker

Helping to build a fairer financial syste

Lee Birkett

m for the world. One of the youngest London Stock Exchange AIM quoted Chief Executives with extensive commercial experience in Fintech, Insuretech and Blockchain. Current FCA Controlled Functions. SMF1 Chief Executive – SMF3 Executive Director – SMF16 Compliance Oversight – SMF17 Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)

Thinkathon Speaker

Sorcha Mulligan

Sorcha Mulligan supports FinTech & Blockchain Supply Chain & Trade Finance Platforms who are seeking to achieve growth through Investment, Joint Venture Partnerships & direct Client Acquisition in EU & UK markets. Essentially, matching people with people who can work together to achieve a combined, aligned objective in their field. EQ with IQ is the winning formula.

Thinkathon Speaker

Barry James

Author of ‘New Routes to Funding’, the handbook of modern funding, Crowdfunding & beyond. Barry James write, educate and advise on Fintech and Blockchain innovation, regulation and transparency. He contributes the weekly Token Intelligence column to CityAM and am a regular contributor and media commentator elsewhere including the FT, The Times, BBC, Crowdfund Insider, and Bankless Times, writing on topics around Blockchain, ICOs, Crowdfunding and the Token Economy, Fintech, Funding and Finance.

Thinkathon Speaker

Victoria Thomason

An entrepreneurial IP & IT Lawyer and Board Advisor with a track record in driving success across a diverse range of financial institutions, from start-up to corporate. With over 10 years of Senior Management experience, she has effectively advised and guided transformation and innovation initiatives across the international arena. At the core, Victoria Thompson is a collaborator who leads with integrity, whilst she has mobilised and directed cross-functional workforces, she has also motivated individuals to reimagine operational possibilities and deliver transformative programmes.

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