Newsletter - The Rise of Digital Assets, Bitcoin, NFTs, and Diversity

Cryptocurrency is booming, NFT is disrupting, Diversity is strength and FINTECH.TV brings you the leaders that are making it happen

Because we believe that diversity should be celebrated every day of the year, we are excited to welcome you to our new series, Dangerous Women: Leading Onward with Pat Mitchell & Faces of Race with Roy Wood Jr.

#DangerousWomen Leading Onward with Pat Mitchell goes in-depth with awe-inspiring women who have changed the world. From technology mavens, barrier-breaking feminists to leading experts in media, science, climate, sustainability, and impact investing.

Each segment highlights the extraordinary resilience and innovation of these illustrious women and presents their insights on moving progress forward.

#FacesOfRace with Roy Wood Jr. seeks to uncover how racism has impacted access to corporate jobs for the Black community and glean insights from Black leaders across a variety of industries, from tech to VC to corporate to the media industry. 

Each episode demonstrates the value of diversity in a corporate setting and challenges viewers to continue these important conversations.

A show focused on the complex ecosystem of Finance, Blockchain, Digital Assets, FinTech, Regulation around the globe. One of the most-watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide.

Focuses on ESG, Impact Investing, and advancing the 17 United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The show profiles people and companies committed to changing lives and creating a sustainable world.