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Karen Kerrigan

Democratizing Access to Capital

On today's segment for the #DigitalAssetReport, our Founder and host, Vince Molinari, speaks with Karen Kerrigan, CEO & President at Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

The World of Investing Will Never Be the Same

COVID-19 has been a trying yet revealing time for many people around the world. It has shown the fragility in our current system, and how we have become comfortable with some not-so-sustainable consumer practices that have put a heavy strain on small businesses. With this strain has come an awakening of sorts that our global community hasn’t seen in over a hundred years.

VC Investing in the Regulated Digital World

Join our host, Ziv Keinan, for the first of many Digital Asset Reports from Israel with Daniel Ben Yehuda, CEO of OM2 Holdings as they discuss the future of financial technology (FinTech) in a connected digital economy with innovation disrupting how banks, insurance companies, and additional players are transitioning for the future.

Liquidity is Not Binary…It is PRIMARY

On today’s segment of the Digital Asset Report, our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, uncovers the greatest value opportunity for humanity with Ami Ben-David & Anthony Woolley of Ownera.

Small Business Post COVID-19

FINTECH.TV is honored to be the media partner with ExO World: Small Business Summit on July 14 to provide small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs with the tools required to rethink, repurpose and recreate their businesses to thrive today, in the future, in order to prosper together long-term.

ExO World: Small Business Summit on 7/14

Our guest Jeff Hoffman, Chairman of the Board at Global Entrepreneurship Network, join us today and teaches us about the importance of becoming an influence, the multiplayer effect, and the 3 R's for small businesses to survive and thrive.