Square One


Romeen is an active technology investor and has invested in a number of leading startups including Boom Aerospace, Kraken, Docker, Republic, Shiprocket, Flockjay, Skill Lync, Career Karma, Mati, Matter, Leda Health, Atmos, Akido Labs, and 20+ others. He is also a Special Advisor to Tribe Capital Growth Corporation – a $276M Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) listed on NASDAQ as $ATVCU.

Romeen has a Juris Doctorate (JD) from Harvard Law School and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy, magna cum laude from Duke University.

#SquareOne unpacks the journey of founders, investors, and executives at the cutting edge of business. The conversations on the show dive deep into a variety of industries, business models, and the stories of how some of the most innovative companies of our time have been built.