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1598729497156_Rhian Lewis

DeMystifing Crypto

Today's interview is with Rhian Lewis. Rhian is a software developer and author of Cryptocurrency Revolution. Rhian explains how she DeMystifies Crypto with her book and the work she is doing in the crypto industry.
Monica Summerville

Institutional Adoption

Today's interview is with Monica Summerville, Directory of Winchmore FST in Capital Markets arena. Our discussion is focused on Institutional Adoption, particularly in financial sectors. Blockchain technology has the ability to run markets 24/7 in the digital space.
Dr.Jane thomason

Social Transformation

Today's interview is with Dr. Jane Thomason, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for FINTECH.TV. Dr. Jane shares with us the humanitarian efforts Cryptocurrency can provide for the unbanked in underserved communities.
Erica Stanford

Moving Crypto Forward

Today's interview is with Erica Stanford, Founder of the Crypto Curry Club. Erica has published the TOP 100 Women in Blockchain list for 2020 and shares with us how she came to know Crypto.
Emily Landis

Blockchain Due Diligence

Join the Top women leaders in the new digital economy, where money meets emerging technology in our expanding digital world.
Anne Ahola Ward (1)

Vision of the Future

Today's interview is with Anne Ahola Ward about Visions of the Future. Anne is a true Futurist, who advocates the crypto movement and the positive change possibilities that blockchain and crypto offer.
Alyze Sam

Living with Technology

Today's interview is with Alyze Sam, who is an author, speaker, and advocate of the Cryptocurrency movement.