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Digital Asset Report provides a look forward on digital assets, blockchain, crypto, innovation, disruption and legislation/regulation. One of the most watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide. 

Digital Asset Report

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9th Gear

Same-Day Foreign Exchange and Settlement

Are you tired of waiting 2 days to settle your foreign exchange trade?On the latest segment of Digital Asset Report, our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, is joined by Maryanne Morrow, CEO of 9th Gear Technologies, and Recognized by Stevie@ Awards as the Most Innovative Woman of the Year.Watch this interview and learn how 9th Gear enables Foreign Exchange (FX) trades with same-day trading and same-day settlements.
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MENA Embracing of Technology

In this segment of Digital Asset Report, our host Rachel Pether is joined by Kokila Alagh, Founder of Karm Legal Foundation & Board Member at MENA Fintech Association, to discuss MENA’s embracing of technology
Dr. Elijah Bitange Ndemo

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain in Africa

In this segment of the Digital Asset Report, we are joined by Professor Bitange Ndemo to examine Cryptocurrency & Blockchain in Africa with our host Leah Ngari.

Preventing Money Laundering & Fraud

In the latest segment of the Digital Asset Report, our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, speaks with the Co-founder & CEO of TRM Labs, Estaban Castaño.
Ben El-Baz-min

Investable Assets with Trusted Data

Join us on this segment of the #DigitalAssetReport with our host Lawrence Wintermeyer. He will be speaking with Ben El-Baz, Head of Ecosystems at HashKey Group. They are the leader in digital asset management and blockchain solutions.Watch today and learn how to define trusted data, why assets with trusted data attract more investors, initiatives for regulators on the digital crypto space, and much more.

How to successfully fundraise in this COVID19 era?

Our host, Ziv Keinan, is joined by Chen Amit, Co-founder & CEO of Tipalti, who just closed a $2 Billion evaluation round. Tipalti is automating accounts payable streamlines the entire bill-to-pay-to-reconciliation cycle. The platform manages all interactions between the payer and the payee to provide end-to-end control and optimize the AP as a whole workflow, future-proofing your mass scale operations.
Richard Byworth-min

1st Crypto Exchange Operator on Nasdaq

Digital Asset Report is broadcasted NYSE, Nasdaq & London Stock Exchange from provides a look forward to digital assets, blockchain, crypto, innovation, disruption, and legislation/regulation.


On today's segment of the Digital Asset Report, our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, is joined by Michael Coletta, Head of Blockchain of London Stock Exchange Group, and our Founder & CEO, Vince Molinari, to go over every advancement that is happening from new bills introduced in the United States to the first company with a cryptocurrency exchange to be listed in Nasdaq and much more.
Karen Kerrigan

Democratizing Access to Capital

On today's segment for the #DigitalAssetReport, our Founder and host, Vince Molinari, speaks with Karen Kerrigan, CEO & President at Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.
Kraken – Dan Held Interview

Kraken: A New Era for Banking

In this segment from Digital Asset Report, our host Vince Molinari has an engaging and insightful conversation with Dan Held, a serial bitcoin entrepreneur with two exits; ZeroBlock, acquired by, and Interchange, acquired by Kraken.