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KoreSummit RegA+ 2020

In this interview of the Digital Asset Report, we will learn about some of the recent advancements in online investments and digital assets, thanks to COVID-19.

2020 is the year that companies are raising capital from everyone, we have seen an increase of 280% in online investing during the first six months of COVID-19 which is a truly stunning amount.

The benefits of KoreSummit RegA+ as Jofre says is an opportunity for anyone in attendance to learn. The education opportunities on display here are quite astounding, as it teaches about secondary trading and a host of different topics. Rialto, in particular, has looked to bring together experts and apply innovative techniques in traditional fields with new technologies.

The KoreSummit takes place on October 7th, with almost 3,000 people signed up to attend.

This has been a project that has taken ten years to get to the stage it is at now with a solid foundation of information and unique value.

In this period of large Zoom calls and digital meetings, it truly is an impressive what Jofre and his team have accomplished during this time.

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