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Rating Physical Assets in the Face of Climate Change

In partnership with the Climate Group and FINTECH.TV, The Nest Summit is an official event of Climate Week NYC, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the US by convening the organizations, visionary researchers, and influential policymakers driving climate action and leading the way to a cleaner and safer environment.

Investors lack the tools to anticipate, quantify, respond to extreme weather events, the on-coming impacts to their equity portfolios, and how best to calibrate for force majeure scenarios. Dozens of sophisticated climate models run by the world’s leading academic institutions forecast changes in the earth’s systems. Still, their outputs are extraordinarily complex and require specialized programming skills and computers to access and process. Chris J. Goolgasian, Yoon Kim, and Swami Venkataraman give us a better understanding of how these risks work, what we need to know, and the longer-term slower onset is occurring.