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The Philosophy of Success: Thinking Ten Years Ahead


XBTO is launching a new $80M venture fund with Greg Carson leading this new vehicle as CEO.”

Philippe Bekhazi Overview

On this segment of [the] Digital Asset Report, our host Vince Molinari had the great pleasure to be joined by our accomplished guest, Philippe Bekhazi, Founder and CEO of XBTO. 

From his finance background – primarily as a macro trader – he has always been fascinated by technology, having built his first computer at the age of 13. Philippe understood the bitcoin whitepaper, the DLT space, and opportunities earlier than most, thereby, creating XBTO in 2015 as a cutting-edge provider for stablecoins, institutional-grade liquidity, and general global access to cryptofinance. 

Right Time, Right Place, Right Execution

“Luck and preparation” at the right time are exponentially significant if recognized with follow-thru execution as Philippe did early on with blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the ever-growing need for institutional-grade liquidity.

XBTO is a significant player in the blockchain, DLT, and venture capital space that genuinely differentiates the firm – having started primarily as a liquidity provider. They exponentially grew to offer OTC trading, asset management (via a beta fund), venture capital, crypto-mining, and special projects. 

Smart Money Investors

As providers of liquidity, XBTO looks at not just providing capital. They also look at how they can be the “smart money” entrepreneurs seek out that best fit their start-up/venture. One such example XBTO has invested in early is Deribit – a leading crypto futures exchange/derivatives trading platform; along with XMargin- a bilateral options trading platform with a specific approach that fits the philosophy. 

Investing + Philosophy = Success

Philippe and the team at XBTO think ten years in the future – knowing that more players will enter the space. This sentiment creates additional opportunity, increasing the velocity of capital, and bridging dislocated gaps that fractionalize value in today’s society. 

In this spirit of removing friction and delivering prosperity around the world, XBTO has invested and supported several portfolio companies with differentiated offerings in the DLT space. Blockchain is the way to enable the free-flow of value around the world in a trusted, trustless system (cost-effective, fast, transparent, and inclusive).

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