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Law & Order for Cryptocurrency ICOs

Digital Asset Report is broadcasted NYSE, Nasdaq & London Stock Exchange from  provides a look forward to digital assets, blockchain, crypto, innovation, disruption, and legislation/regulation.

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Marc Powers, Senior Partner & Robert Musiala, Counsel & Co-Head of the Blockchain Practice from the 1,000 People Strong US Law Firm – BakerHostetler – founded in 1916 by the former Secretary of War under US President Woodrow Wilson – 

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On this segment of FINTECH.TV’s Digital Asset Report (DAR), our Founder & Host from New York, Vincent Molinari, is joined by law firm experts, BakerHostetler, to discuss blockchain, litigation, and securities. Given the current implications on ICO regulatory enforcement for 1933 Securities Act violations such as Bancor, Tron, Block. One, Tezos et al. are facing; this is an interview you do not want to miss!

The HOWEY Test, Securities & Utilities -

Marc Powers, Robert Musiala, and Vincent Molinari break down the most critical digital assets events and how digital securities are coming online with various financing events globally – such as Tezos and Brazil for CRE. 

How do systems/networks work for the Howey test? 

What methodology should I use to issue value to investors to be legally compliant as well? 

These gentlemen from BakerHostetler are the industry experts that understand digital changes, legal implications, and how blockchain, for example, can relate to two, three, four, five, or more areas of law. The multidimensional repercussions and what the future vision is, as applied, is where companies, entrepreneurs, and those considering Reg A/A+ et al. need to watch this interview. 

What are the Options for Regulated Securities Issuances? -

Vince discusses OCC news’s legal implications, recent regulation updates in-general, and how the legal community is adapting to the exponential changes, upgrades, and lessons learned at the speed of crypto with Marc and Robert. Our team at FINTECH.TV is proud to present this latest video with these top leaders in the legal industry for digital.

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