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Transformation of Artificial Intelligence

TheIMPACT focuses on ESG, Impact Investing, and advancing the 17 United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The show profiles people and companies committed to changing lives and creating a sustainable world.

Jacques Ludik - Founder & CEO, Cortex Group -

Dr. Jacques Ludik is a smart technology entrepreneur, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, founder of multiple AI companies, author, AI ecosystem builder, and award-winning AI Leader with a Ph.D. in Computer Science (AI & Machine Learning) and 25+ years’ experience in AI, Machine Learning & Data Science and its applications.

He currently Founder & Group CEO of Cortex Group, an AI-focused holding company building value in the 4IR and focusing on various parts of the AI ecosystem: Cortex Logic as AI Engine for Business (that he founded in 2016), Cortex Health, Cortex Asset Management, Cortex Labs, & Cortex Ventures; and Founder & President of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA).

He has also founded CSense Systems (Africa’s first AI company that was sold to a multinational company, specifically General Electric in 2011), Bennit.AI, Mosaic, and SynerG.

The Impact of AI -

Dr. Jacques Ludik talks about AI potential use cases in Africa, including precision medicine, virtual consultation, high-quality personalized education, and the fascinating potential applications in multiple industries worldwide.

AI has matured over the last decade with all the data being generated and cloud computing. Companies like Amazon and YouTube use AI to give you a personalized journey.

Watch the video and learn how AI can positively impact your life or your business.

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