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Natural Wine: Back to the Basics

TheIMPACT focuses on ESG, Impact Investing, and advancing the 17 United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The show profiles people and companies committed to changing lives and creating a sustainable world.

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Isabelle Legeron - Founder, RAW WINE; Antonella Manuli - Owner, La Maliosa; Sheila Donohue - Founder & CEO, Vero -

On this segment of FINTECH.TV’s TheIMPACT, our host from New York City in the United States of America, Vincent Molinari, is joined by the global leaders in the sustainable wine movement in our decentralized format to discuss the latest trends from Italy and throughout Europe.

Sheila, Antonella, and Isabelle join our host, Vince, literally from their vineyards and get down yes to the grape of what is truly going on in the sustainable wine movement by those that are absolutely the most passionate, as you will see in this beautiful interview.

ESG /// Tuscany WINE = Brilliant -

Sheila has the fantastic job of discovering wineries and olive oil producers, having Founding Vero almost two years ago, along with a professional background in the FinTech industries. She was interested in blockchain that led her to start Vero to curate and locate difficult to find wines and olive oils from small, sustainable producers worldwide. 

“The Devine of the Plant Kingdom” 

Isabelle is truly a global leader in the natural wine movement. Natural wine comes from grapes grown organically, then fermented into wine without adding ANYTHING, along without removing anything. It’s 100% grape juice with a kick as it was designed thousands of years ago—the authenticity of wine at its core. 

Cherish the Land - Farm for the Future -

The way the land is farmed is everything. That is what it means to be sustainable. 

Antonella comes to us LIVE from, Fattoria La Malisoa, her vineyard in Tuscany in La Malisoa – sharing the absolute beauty of what it means to “living the dream” in wine. After graduating and working in Tuscany’s resort, the environment was overwhelming in all the right ways capturing her there for longer than expected. Antonella then pursued her dream, aligning with her agriculture values with her vineyard in Tuscany, Italy, even though she doesn’t have a heritage in the wine industry. 

These three leaders in wine had a great time on this exclusive interview on FINTECH.TV, and we hope you will enjoy it just as much, learning how sustainable, natural wine should be part of your private selection. 

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