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Investing for Climate Change: How the private Sector can Address Climate Change

Impact Public Service Fund, an NYC based non-profit hosts an important discussion on investing for climate change and the role of private sector actors in addressing the challenge. We will
hear from expert speakers from Columbia University, Gitterman Wealth Management, Capital for Climate, Goldman Sachs, Kepos Capital, Ernst Young, Boston Common Asset Management, and Four Twenty Seven. This riveting and provocative conversation is organized into 3 panels:

  • > Understand the science behind climate change, what’s on the cutting edge and where experts might disagree
  • > Discover what climate change has in store for us socially, environmentally, politically, and financially
  • > Learn how to invest for a new future and the implications for companies old and new

We bring together investors, scientists, thought-leaders, and innovators to address an important topic for generations to come.



  • Radley Horton, Lamont Research Professor, Columbia University
  • Emilie Mazzacurati, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Four Twenty Seven
  • Tony Lent, Co-Founder, Capital For Climate
  • Elodie Timmermans, Senior Manager Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst Young,
  • Jeff Gitterman, Co-Founder, Gitterman Wealth Management,
  • Geeta Aiyer, CFA, President and Founder, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Bob Litterman, Chairman of the Risk Committee and Founding Partner, Kepos Capital,

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