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Sustainable Pearl Farming in Fiji with Justin Hunter

On this segment of Millennials Matter, our host, Georgia Fairweather, covers the sustainable pearl farming enterprise founded and operated by Justin Hunter, CEO of J. Hunter Pearls, based in Fiji.

Pearls are initially based on the extraction as it is a luxury industry – economic mining. Pearl farming is a unique practice as it is 100% sustainable with environmental protections connected with the “blue economy.”

Justin’s sustainable pearl farming business engages with local communities rather than commoditizing the industry and what it produces. Island economies have a paradigm-shifting opportunity for sustainable companies that utilize technology, blockchain, AI, and similar infrastructure tools.

Consumers of today want more…such as responsible stakeholders that reinvest and aligned with their values in ways that are measured, tracked, and impacted measured. Justin shares some of his past challenges, how they “weathered the storm,” and were able to get back up on the front lines to address marine conversation issues through capitalism with consciousness ideals.

To learn more about their work with the United Nations, island nations, and how his company is addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by resetting the way the economy works, watch the 15-minute interview here: