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Data Privacy & Self-Sovereign Identity

Our host, Vincent Molinari of FINTECH.TV on this segment of the Digital Asset Report proudly discusses with Moiz Kohari, Co-founder of Manetu (Native American word for “Spirit”) – a leading pioneer for the next major sector in digital assets – self-sovereign identity; with its end-to-end Consumer Privacy Management platform.

Moiz previously held senior roles at the London Stock Exchange Group, State Street Bank, Novel, and others along with his co-founder, David Harris, who was the CEO of the Chicago Board Options Exchange for over ten years. They have a profound understanding of regulatory, compliance, rules, and how we are evolving in this digital transformation around the globe.

Manetu is a robust rights management, identity management and requests platform that provides transparency of the data to the owner, in real-time among other capabilities. Simply, they help enterprises discover, map the data, pull and aggregate the data and, therefore, manage the data along with an “identity master” that confirms a data subject is true. They are using some of the most secure, advanced, and next-generation primitives in order to give the people what they want…control over your data with 84% responding to this effect.

By reducing the average request load of 15 hours down to minutes, Manetu utilizes both on and off-chain technologies with background such as hyperledger. Transaction and notarization is the primary blockchain uses with many security principles built from the ground-up in order to make sure the platform was truly scalable.

To learn more about Manetu, please visit them on the web here:

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