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Climate Change Impact in Amazon

In partnership with the Climate Group and FINTECH.TV, The Nest Summit is an official event of Climate Week NYC, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the US by convening the organizations, visionary researchers, and influential policymakers driving climate action and leading the way to a cleaner and safer environment.

Join us for the The Nest Summit at Climate Week NYC, powered by FINTECH.TV from Javits Center  as we discuss the importance of protecting the Amazon. Protecting the Amazon is essential not only for South America – more so, the entire world. Fires are hirer than ever at 28% higher year-over-year. Atossa Soltani, John Quigley, Suzanne Pelletier, and Wendie Malick join us to explain what is happening with capturing CO2, breathing out and how this process works through billions of trees in the Amazon with an average tree generating unbelievable amounts of water per tree per day. The “rain machine” for the planet.

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