Cutting Edge of Online Learning & Cyber Security

Co-founders David Shrier & Beth Porter of Esme talk with Dr. Jane Thomason about their e-learning venture that they are calling, “A revolution in Digital Learning: AI-enabled knowledge acceleration.”

Venture Capital for Women

Shelly Porges, Co-founder of Beyond the Billion talks with Dr. Jane Thomason about empowering women entrepreneurs through venture capital funds.

Impact Investing & Technology Innovation

Annie Theriault, Chief Investment Officer at Grand Challenges Canada talks with Dr. Jane Thomason about the market acceleration in the Impact Investing space.

Crypto in the COVID Crisis

Erica Stanford, Founder & CEO of Crypto Curry Club talks with host Dr. Jane Thomason about crypto, blockchain opportunities, and challenges during this pandemic.

Pivoting the Platform to Fight COVID

Dr. Jane Thomason talks with Darshita Gillies Maanch about their measurement work on IMPACT and ESG and how they retooled their platform to help fight the COVID pandemic.

Fintech & the Pandemic Crisis

In this edition of FINTECH Fireside Chat, Julia Streets, Founder, and CEO of Streets Consulting talks with Dr. Jane Thomason about the Fintech sector’s response to the COVID pandemic crisis.

FINTECH in the Post-Pandemic Future

In her latest FINTECH Fireside Chat, Dr. Jane Thomason talks with J.D. Salbego about the future of the digital economy.

Post Pandemic Lending: Carol Alexander, Professor at the University of Sussex

In this episode of Fintech Fireside Chat, host Dr. Jane Thomason talks with Carol Alexander abut post pandemic peer to peer lending and credit risk.

FINTECH Fireside Chat with Dr. Jane Thomason

Dr. Jane Thomason gives us an overview of her new series, FINTECH Fireside Chat.

Peer to Peer Lending: Lee Birkett, Founder of JustUs

In her Fintech Fireside Chat, host Jane Thomason talks with Lee Birkett about his lending app, COVID-19 & blockchain.